October 2014: Poster presentation at the Italian Congress of S.I.T.E. (Italian Society of Thalassemies and Hemoglobinopathies) in Genoa, Italy: Comparison between different software programs and techniques for liver iron concentration assessment with MRI in thalassemic patients. Download PDF

April 2014: New publication using Quanta Prostate in the evaluation of prostate cancer relapse in patients showing biochemical recurrence after EBRT. Download PDF

October 2013: Presentation of C-Iron (now Quanta Hematology) during the meeting "IL GLOBULO ROSSO NELLA PRATICA E NELLA RICERCA", Genoa, Italy
Download presentation.

August 2013: New publication using C-Iron (now Quanta Hematology) on European Journal of Radiology: Diagnostic value of real-time elastography in the assessment of hepatic fibrosis in patients with liver iron overload

March 2013: Poster presentation @ECR 2013 in Vienna: Quantification of liver steatosis in MRI: available techniques and use of transverse magnetization decay curve in patients with iron overload

December 2012: Added new protocol for the evaluation of hepatic steatosis according Bydder theory

March 2012: The Quanta Hematology project (previously referred to as C-Iron) originates from the collaboration between E. O. Ospedali Galliera (Hematology Center and Medical Physics department), Camelot Biomedical Systems and SlipGURU research group (University of Genoa)


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Quanta Imaging Technology

Quanta Imaging Technology is a platform of software libraries for advanced quantification and visualization of biomedical images, based on our patent pending technology. Quanta modules can be used in a variety of clinical applications. Quanta benefits are:
  • Improved efficiency and overall workflow, thanks to highly automated analysis
  • Time savings
  • Increased consistency and productivity
  • Higher quality standards, thanks to quantitative analysis
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