Zefiro et al. (2014)
Comparison between different software programs and techniques for liver iron concentration assessment with MRI in thalassemic patients. Download PDF

Zefiro et al. (2013)
Quantification of liver steatosis in MRI: available techniques and use of transverse magnetization decay curve in patients with iron overload. Download PDF

Paparo et al. (2013)
Diagnostic value of real-time elastography in the assessment of hepatic fibrosis in patients with liver iron overload

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Quanta Hematology

Quanta Hematology is a powerful solution allowing for a non-invasive and fast quantification of local iron concentration from MRI series on several types of tissues, ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment of patients with various iron loading disorders.

  • Improved diagnosis accuracy thanks to quantitative analysis
  • Higher value diagnosis thanks to localized quantification with respect to global estimation
  • Complete diagnosis thanks to multi-organ protocols
  • Computation of T2* and R2* concentration maps
  • Evaluation of the local iron concentration in liver and heart using biopsy calibrations published in the literature
  • ROI-wise estimation of concentration statistics

Quanta Hematology is a software for research purpose only.

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